March, 2014

March is the opening salvo of the season of change - of renewal and recreation. I will not use the word hope, as for many people, it is a dirty word. Hope is too often shattered. It is as illusory as dandelion fluff on a summer day. No, it is not hope that keeps us on our feet, ever marching to the rhythm of the tattoo sounding within our heads. What keeps us going is determination. This begins with the desire to achieve something of worth, and continues with the will to do whatever it takes to make sure that it happens. Hope is for the unsophisticated, and for those who feel too powerless to effect the sort of change they would like to see. You do not count on hope alone. If you want to see change in the world around you and in your life, you get up and you work for it.

If you want to see change and improvement in your writing, you begin by reading every day. You read a wide multitude of authors, and you analyze what you are reading. You study, until you can begin to understand why this author’s scene in that book works so well for you; why it makes you laugh, or weep, or even want to scream; and why a similar scene in another book simply falls flat. You think and you ask questions. Could you make the second scene work better, and how would you do that? How would the changes you make change its impact?

Then you spend time every day writing, and thinking about what you are writing. You might join a writers group where you have the chance to analyze not only your own writing but that of other writers who are working to improve their work. And most important, you keep on writing.

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Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

How often have you had a story you burned to tell, but could not find the words that would make it sing?

What is a Ghostwriter?

The good ghostwriter writes your stories, while working to stay true to your ideas and the ways you want to express them.

How to Choose a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are individuals. Some of them are strictly business.

How I Will Work With You

How do I, the ghostwriter, collect my information?

How to Choose a Publisher

Writing to be published is not what it was.

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